My Essentials

Essential PlannerWhether they are items that help us be more productive, simple reminders that make us happy or things that we need to keep around for sanity purposes. In life, we all have our essentials. The things we won’t go anywhere without. From home to work and everywhere in between, here are the five things that I keep with me at all times.

1) My iPhone

I know that most people think it’s a problem, but my iPhone is my lifeline. First and foremost I need it for communication. From work to home and everywhere in between, I like to stay in touch with my friends, family and customers. Plus, with my busy schedule no one would ever catch me if I were tied to a landline.

Outside of the obvious benefits of a cell phone, I also rely on my iPhone to access my New Life Chapel App. No matter where I am, I have access to the Bible, past sermons, event calendars and music. It certainly makes doing a daily devotion much easier! Finally, I wouldn’t get very far without easy access to my Dropbox App. For those that use Dropbox, enough said. For those that don’t … go download it. Now.

2) My iPhone Charger

Refer to #1 and you will understand why I generally need a charger by noon on any given day.

3) Business Cards

Our business is very important to me and my dedication began the first time that I met Roy. When I entered the house to meet him and JoAnn for the first time, he barely said a word before reaching into his pocket to hand me; you guessed it, a business card. While I didn’t know it at the time, it wasn’t long before I would have a stack of Yelton’s business cards of my own.

When I joined the family business I remember one very specific rule. If you were ever caught without a business card, you were fined $50. At the beginning, I learned the hard way, having to pay in a few times. Luckily, I’ve caught a few other Yelton’s employees empty handed over the years so I’ve been able to even the score. Maybe I should go walk the floor right now and see if I can make a few bucks!

4) Planner & To Do Notebook

Lots of people make fun of me, but even with my iPhone next to me, I still have a written planner. It needs to be within an arms length or something feels off. I think I got this from my momma, who’s the same way. I used to consider myself a loyal Franklin Covey girl but, as of late, I’ve migrated to the Erin Condren world. Look her up! Her planners are amazing.

There are many days where I don’t know whether I am coming or going. In those moments, I rely on my planner and get back on track. But that’s not all. With me at all times, I also carry a To-Do notebook. Did anyone say Type A? Yes, admittedly, but I can’t help it. Day or night, you’ll find me taking notes and making lists to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

5) Trenta Iced Green Tea Unsweetened from Starbucks

When I think of addiction this tasty beverage comes to mind. It’s not much of a secret; if you see me there is usually Trenta Iced Green Tea right by my side. I gave up soda a while back and have never been a huge fan of coffee, so this is my beverage. Zero calories and zero sugar. Make fun of me all you want, but at least my addiction is a healthy one. Or so I tell myself!

Along with the beverage, I’m not going to lie; I love the attention that you get as a regular Starbucks customer. I’ve got my Gold Card, the Starbucks App is on my phone and I frequent the drive-thru window more often than I visit the ATM. Beyond being a regular, it’s possible that I have even gotten a little too comfortable with Starbucks. My sister, co-worker and I gossip about the drive-thru barista as if he was our boyfriend. If he’s working, we all know and bonus points if he calls us by our name. So what if it’s listed on our Starbucks Gold Card? It’s always good to feel important, even if for just a few moments.

So there you have it, five things that you can count on me to have at all times. What’s on your list?

Sun, Sand & Smartphone Apps

I was really excited when Allegiant Air announced its arrival into Cincinnati. Upon hearing the news I immediately started planning a summer excursion to Florida. It was perfect, while the boys played baseball in Disney I would take some time to kick back, relax and rejuvenate. Don’t get me wrong, I love baseball, but this chick was in desperate need of some beach time. Plus, what’s the big deal when you can get live score updates from anywhere these days! Don’t judge me (please).

After researching a few areas in Florida, it was decided. While the boys headed out for their games, Trent and I would post up in Juno Beach to visit my good friend Kendall and her husband Chad. Plan in place, time to book. As I browsed through the awesome “a la carte” rates offered by Allegiant I decided they were too good to be true and invited my niece, Kendall, as well. It didn’t take much convincing. She was on board.

Our flight path took us from CVG to Sanford Airport in Orlando. For those who travel often, Sanford is the best-kept secret in the world of airports. No lines. No waiting. It’s even smaller than Dayton! After snagging our luggage we headed towards our first stop, the rental car kiosk.Tina_Florida2

In an effort to be economical and save on fuel, I had originally booked a compact car. Well, little did I know that when they say compact they actually mean an itsy-bitsy-teenie-weenie Smart Car. While I love those little things, I knew that it wasn’t going to fit the bill for this trip. With long drives ahead, new highways and a lot of planned stops, now wasn’t the time for my first Smart Car adventure. Luckily they had a couple of mid-sized cars on the lot so we didn’t have to pack in like sardines. We left it up to Trent who chose a bright red Hyundai Accent as our chariot and we headed on our way.

When we hopped in the car my niece asked where we were headed. No problem, I plugged the information into my favorite travel app, WAZE. If you’re on the road a lot, consider WAZE your new best friend. Not only does it give you accurate directions, but it also provides you with fun facts and important details along the way. Do you want to know where the police are hanging out? Would you like to steer clear of accidents or bad road conditions? How about terrible weather? WAZE knows it all.

While I consider myself a seasoned WAZER, my niece took it to a whole new level. The moment we decided we were famished she whipped out her ROAD NINJA app to reveal the closest restaurant. Easy. How technology comes so natural to kids these days, I have no idea.

By the time we had identified the location of our next feast our phones were dying quickly. We attempted plugging them into the USB charger in the car. No luck. We turned to WAZE, which pointed us to the nearest Walgreen’s to purchase a new charger. At this point I was starting to believe that my niece, Kendall, had super powers. With access to nearly every cell phone app in the world, she was saving our day!

After juicing up the cell phones and satisfying our bellies, it was finally off to Juno Beach. We set our ears on the US PL8S game while keeping our eyes peeled for different license plates. Arizona. New Hampshire. Colorado. Halfway to our destination we were convinced that we’d find them all, but, alas, we ended at 60%. Alaska, watch out, I’m still looking for you.

When we arrived in Juno Beach I immediately felt relaxed. The waves were crashing. The breeze was soft. The destination was nothing short of beautiful. We spent the week digging our toes in the sand, visiting local museums, shopping (of course), and swimming in our friends’ pool. We also got a little time in with my family as well – the Woodses. Unfortunately, we aren’t related to Mr. Tiger Woods himself, but our golfing skills are almost as good. Take my word for it.

By the time the boys met up with us we were ready to hit the beach again. Can you blame us? On Saturday morning, we darted towards the sand where we got to see Sea Turtles in action as they made their way back to the ocean. What an awesome experience. Come Sunday, we packed it up and headed back to Orlando to close the trip.Tina_Florida

En route to Orlando we decided to stop in Christmas, Florida for an airboat ride. Back in the day Roy’s parents lived in Christmas and Mark spent a lot of summers on the very river that we were on. It was kind of cool to imagine him hanging out there in his younger years. Our trip guide was amazing and if you ever find yourself in Christmas I highly recommend visiting Midwest Airboats. Santa Claus sightings, not guaranteed.

For our final stop (insert a tear), we decided to head to Universal City Walk. Guided by our fearless leader, Kendall, and her array of cell phone apps we, once again, got to experience the best of Florida. After strolling around, we decided to have dinner at NBA City where the food and the service were something that I could appreciate!

When the weekend came to an end we were sad to kiss our vacation goodbye, though we knew it had come time to make our way home and get settled back into our routine. Overall, the trip was awesome I would highly recommend all of the excursions that we went on. I also advise everyone to jump on the cell phone app train. From restaurant recommendations to accurate directions and everything in between, they make traveling so easy!

And, if you don’t like being tied to your smart phone, travel with a sixteen year old. They’ve got this technology thing down!

Four Eyes


I got glasses. It’s true. I understand that I’m getting older, but even so, I thought I had at least another three decades before I needed another pair of eyes. I’m doing my best to embrace my new accessory, but for someone who never thought they would actually grow up, aging is a pain.

As an added bonus, my new glasses have added another element to my morning routine. Putting an outfit together is harder than it’s ever been before. Nothing seems to match! As I stare down my closet each morning I find myself wishing that I had, not just one, but at least ten pairs of glasses. I need a pair for the store and another to go out with the ladies. I need one for my black pencil skirt and another for my pink sundress. How people get through years with one pair is beyond me. Maybe I should get over the whole “finger in the eye” issue and try my luck with contacts. I guess only time can tell.

On top of being four-eyed, this week has been a crazy one. This blog is being written from my cell phone, in my vehicle, a top an empty lot that we will soon call home. As we work on digging up our roots and relocating our family, I’ve spent a lot of time rummaging through old stuff and looking through photos. Through these activities I’ve also had a lot of time to reflect. Looking at the big picture, I understand that my less-than-perfect vision is the least of my worries, but it’s scary to think about getting older. It feels like just yesterday that my two sweet little sons were in diapers and my vision was 20/20.

Where does the time go? If anyone finds the fountain of youth, please send me a pin on Google Maps. Much appreciated!

Never Lose An Earring Again

Down the drain. In a dressing room. At the beach. While the circumstances vary, we’ve all been there. One moment both of our earrings are intact and the next, one has wandered away, never to be found again. It’s an expensive tragedy. One I hope no one has to experience ever again. In an effort to keep earrings where they belong, I’d like to introduce you to Protektor Backs.

Protektor-BacksFor all of the English teachers out there, don’t get hung up on the spelling because they work wonders!As you can see from the picture, the Protektor Back includes both a post and a new back. Bring us your earrings and we’ll replace your post with the one shown. The reason Protektor Backs work so well is because there are two small buttons on each side that you must push when you put your earrings on, and take them off. If these buttons aren’t pushed in, the earring won’t budge.

I’ve replaced the posts on almost all of my earrings with Prokector Backs and now I never worry. I’ll dive head first into the lake and when I come up, I know my earrings are still going to be there. They’ve been such a lifesaver. If you’re curious, stop by the store and I’d be happy to give you a quick demo. And, if you decide to get them we can add them is just a matter of days!

If you’re sitting here thinking, “great, but what about the earrings I’ve already lost?” Well, you’re not entirely out of luck. Bring us the earring that’s missing its pair. We can match it and then add Protektor Backs to the set so that you can wear them with confidence. No more excuses, never lose an earring again!

Summer Jewelry Protection


Summer is here which means swimming, dinner parties and plenty of visits from the neighborhood kids. Yes! I’m ready; though, I wanted to catch you before the fun kicks off. While summer is great, between all of the soaking, splashing and cleaning, the season can take a toll on your jewelry.

So, what is it about summer anyways? It’s chlorine, and it’s everywhere. In the pool. In the hot tub. In bleach and other household cleaners. Maybe even in your laundry detergent.And, the problem is? Well, when chlorine comes in contact with your gold jewelry a chemical reaction kicks off. As a result, the chlorine dissolves with the copper and/or nickel alloys in the jewelry and can cause it to break. Did you know that if you left your jewelry in bleach for 24-hours it would be damaged beyond repair? Yikes, we definitely don’t want that to happen.

While it’s all very scary stuff, don’t fret. Here are some summer tips to keep your bling strong and sparkly:

  • Try to avoid wearing jewelry in hot tubs and swimming pools. Rings set with stones, especially prongs, are most subject to damage.
  • Remember that hot tub water is five times more damaging due to heat and increased chlorine concentrations. Proceed with caution.
  • Take off your rings while cleaning with a chlorinated cleaner. And, remember not to leave them hanging out by the sink where they could be knocked down into the drain (that’s a whole different blog!)
  • Be sure to read your labels. Chlorine is sneaky and tends to show up in places where you don’t expect it. If it says, “contains bleach”, it’s time to take your rings off.

Phew, I’m glad I caught you. Now, go enjoy your summer and remember, take your rings off!

Thank You Mark

When we welcome our first borns we tend to focus on the role of the mom. But, its important for us to remember the Dad’s too. Just like motherhood, becoming a father can be very challenging. Especially when your dealing with the world’s grumpiest baby. That was our Ty.image

Ty was the first baby that Mark had ever held, changed, and fed. You name it. If it was baby related, it was a first for Mark. Talk about a change of pace! By the time Trent came around, he was a pro. Thank goodness.

Even now, Mark and I always joke about how we ever thought a second one was a good idea after Ty. We fought major sleep battles with that one, and that was only the half of it. Of course, the plan was out of our hands and when Trent arrived we were both surprised and pleased to meet a baby that loved to sleep. Phew.

Observing Mark and the boys over the last 10 years it’s clear that fatherhood now comes naturally to him. With our two busy boys, Mark probably feels more like a taxi service than a Dad these days, but those moments the boys share in the car traveling from here to there are priceless. It warms my heart just thinking about it.

Mark – thank you for being the Dad that you are to our boys! We are all wishing you the happiest of Father’s Days.

Congratulations Kaicey!

Kaicey WeberThis week I would like to put a spotlight on Kaicey Weber, the recipient of the 2014 Roy H. Yelton Scholarship. Every year when scholarship applications start to roll in we look for students with a strong academic history, a great spirit and meaningful goals. As an all-around stand up student, Kaicey certainly fit the bill and we couldn’t be more excited to contribute to her future.

Throughout her high school career Kaicey proved that she was both smart and passionate, staying actively involved in the National Honor Society and Student Goverment. Along with making her mark inside of the classroom, she has also placed a high priority on giving back to her surrounding community. She spends countless hours volunteering at her church and loves spending time with kids. When we asked Kaicey what she had in common with Mr. Yelton she said, “I try my best to be caring and empathetic to everyone around me.”

As a recent graduate of Lakota East, this fall Kaicey is off to Miami University to study Psychology and Chemistry. For many high school graduates heading off to college is a big enough bite to swallow, but for Kaicey, it doesn’t stop there. Following her undergraduate program she plans to apply to graduate school to become a Childs Advocate Lawyer or to pursue a career in Pediatric Medicine.

Congratulations Kaicey! Everyone at Yelton’s is rooting for you.

Graduation Gift Guide

Spring is in the air. The temperatures are finally starting to rise. My kids are itching to play outside. And, graduation season is in full swing. It’s a special time all around and I’m not going to lie, I’m happy to kiss winter goodbye. If you know someone graduating from high school or college, you may be on the search for the perfect gift. Well, have no fear; The Jeweler’s Wife is here.

When I’m shopping for new grads I’m always on the hunt for something that they can cherish. Something that reminds them of their accomplishments. Something that will last a lifetime. And, naturally, my mind gravitates to jewelry. Can you blame me?

For all of those on the search for the perfect graduation gift this spring, done some of the homework for you. Check it out, The Jeweler’s Wife graduation gift guide:

Watches: Timepieces make a great gift for him or her. Right now, I especially like the Tissot collection. They’re super stylish and perfect for the grad that doesn’t want to be late to class or work!

Charm Bracelets: If you’re looking for a great gift that tells the unique story of your favorite grad, consider a modern day charm bracelet. I love the idea of giving something that they can add to over time, highlighting life milestones to come. Here are some of my top picks:

Diamonds: I know it’s cliché, but diamonds really are forever. Send your new grad off into the world with a beautiful diamond bracelet or their first pair of diamond stud earrings.

Pearls: As the oldest known gem out there, pearls are both timeless and classy. Not to mention, they’ve come along way since the classic strand of pearls. With so many great designs out there today, you’re sure to find something your grad will love, no matter what their style.

If you have any questions on the gifts above or want to pick my brain for more suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out. And, most importantly, I’d like to extend congratulations to all of our local graduates. Everyone here at Yelton’s is proud of you!



Spring Eats


Lacrosse season has kicked off, it’s finally starting to warm up and the produce aisle at the grocery store is beginning to look much more colorful. All signs that spring is on its way. Phew.

With a new season upon us, I wanted to take the opportunity to share one of my favorite spring recipes. Of course, I stole this from a friend, but that doesn’t make it any less enjoyable.

Fruit Salsa

  • 1 Golden Delicious apple – peeled, cored and chopped
  • 1 carton of strawberries, diced
  • 1 carton of blueberries
  • 2 tbsp white sugar
  • 1tbsp brown sugar
  • 2 tbsp fruit preserves – I like to use raspberry

It’s easy. Simply wash and cut all fruit as instructed, toss with the other ingredients and serve. Quick, delicious and best of all, it makes my kids happy. The only problem is how quickly it disappears. With the three men in my life, I give it five minutes, tops.

The boys love to eat their fruit salsa with cinnamon chips for extra crunch (and sugar). For the gluten-free lady in the family (i.e. me) it’s also great on a gluten free bagel or with Nut Thins.


The Club


Warning: Grab the tissues.

As I looked ahead to the rest of the week I realized that this #ThursdaysWithTina fell on the second anniversary of my Father’s passing. I thought about writing about it. I started scribbling down the words. And then, I stopped. I support full disclosure and part of my original promise as The Jeweler’s Wife was to be, above all else, honest. That said, there was a part of me that wasn’t ready to go there.

Until today. Until I picked up the phone to hear that a friend had also lost his Dad.

After hearing the news, my mind started to spin. I thought to myself, what could I do for the family? How can I support them? It was decided. I would send a card. Great, but then, what do I write? Are there even words?

I let my mind wander and continued to go back to one theme – welcome to the club. The club that no one wants to join. The one that involves losing a parent.

What a terrible thought, but I couldn’t remove myself from it. As we enter our late 30’s and early 40’s, losing a parent becomes all too common. Sadly, it becomes new normal.

When my dad was sick our hospice nurse told us, “normal is only a setting on a washing machine.” She was right. Once you’ve joined ‘the club’ you want to want to believe that everyone is operating on the same setting as you, but it’s just not the case. Life continues to move around you. At times it doesn’t make sense. At times it’s so, so frustrating. Looking back to when I entered ‘the club’, I remember many moments where I wanted to look people in the eyes and scream, “do you realize I just lost a parent?” I wanted the world to pause. To reflect on what mattered. To grieve with me.

As my Dad’s health declined, we knew the time was coming. Fortunately, I was to be able to step away from work and spend his last three months with him. Those are the days that I wouldn’t trade for anything. As we all sat together in those last days he shared stories, many of which we had never heard before. He gave us more insight into who he was, the life he had lived and as a result helped us better understand ourselves.

Observing my father, I started to realize just how fast time really moves. While I couldn’t slow down the clock, I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to tell him how great of a father he was, to give him that one last hug and to tell him that I loved him. For that I am eternally grateful. Many people don’t get that chance.

This week we will visit the cemetery and release butterflies at my father’s grave. It’s become a tradition that we’ve kept since his funeral. For us, it’s a great reminder of the life that he lived and symbolizes his pain, finally being set free. I know he probably looks down at laughs at us, but it’s our way of coping. It’s our way of dealing with ‘the club’ that we unwillingly joined.

To my friend, that’s what I will write. Find your way to cope. Do what it takes to find peace. While ‘the club’ doesn’t necessarily get easier, learn to be comfortable with the new normal. Share the stories. Remember the moments. Help them live on as best as you can.