Lessons In Love


When you’re in the business of jewelry, by default you’re also in the business of love. Day after day, I see couples walk through our door. They radiate hope. Their excitement is contagious. I promise that there’s not a gem in our store that sparkles more than a bride-to-be when she comes in to get her ring sized.

In November, Mark and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. For the lucky ones that were invited to our wedding, this may come as a surprise. We know you didn’t think we would last more than three years. Well, I hope you’ve paid your debts, because we made it. Also, do we get bonus points for spending every waking moment together?

From getting the kids off to school, to the jewelry store and back again. There he is. Big earring Mark, always by my side. When your business partner and your best friend are also your husband, it creates unique challenges. From business decisions to parenting, it’s impossible to agree on everything. If you ask our staff, they will be the first to tell you that everyday is not perfect. We still “bicker” over the little things. Who will get stuck loading the dishwasher? Who’s on laundry duty? And, our personal favorite, who is going to help the kids do their homework? At work, we agree 90% of the time. The other 10%, I win. It’s a good thing he is a lover, not a fighter.

As I see these new couples walk through our store … well, let’s be honest, first I have to tame the wild saleswoman inside of me. After that the emotion kicks in. As I learn about their relationship, their families and their big day, I find it hard to contain myself. All of a sudden I want to share my own stories and lessons in love. From across the counter I want to say ….

Always follow your heart and remember why you fell in love in the first place. None of us are perfect. Life only gets harder as you get older. Don’t let the days become habits. When you’re frustrated, look back. Remember that pit in your stomach the first time your hands touched, the nervousness you felt when your eyes met from across the room or the moment you knew that it was love. When I think back to the beginning, I smile because I can still smell Mark’s cologne as he pulled me close to kiss me goodnight. It’s the little things. If you keep those close to your heart, your marriage will last forever.

14 years and still learning. Appreciating every lesson in love.

I Am, The Jeweler’s Wife

I’ve been staring at the computer screen for over an hour now, I’ve hit the delete button at least 1,000 times and my vodka sprite with a splash of lemon is nearly empty. I have so much to say, but where does one even start?

I come from a large family and until my siblings started having children, I was always the baby. I value deep relationships, especially those with my mom, Faye and sister, Tracie who never fail to entertain me. According to Facebook I have 993 friends, yet remain loyal to my best friend, Gina. After a long day, I know that my husband, Mark, two children, Ty and Trent, a four legged cat, a fish and a frog will be there waiting for me. Don’t tell the kids, but I won’t be all that upset if Mr. Ribbit decides to hop away during our next family vacation.

My birth certificate reads Tina, but I’m more commonly referred to as “The Jewelers Wife”.

Fourteen years ago one man, one ring and one promise made me a Yelton. Fourteen years ago a passion for people, appreciation for jewelry, and a knack for sales and made me part of the Yelton Fine Jewelers business.

My father-in-law, may he rest in peace, always called me the “outlaw”. Others say that I married in and took over. If you ask me, I just did what I was called to do. Like any woman, I like a good piece of bling. After all, I did marry Mark. Jewelry makes people feel special and sharing that with others is what keeps me going. If you’re an existing customer, you know that I’m in it for you. If you’re not, let me prove it! (Sorry, the saleswoman inside started to rear her ugly head. Or maybe it’s the vodka sprite.)

I may sparkle like a piece of Yelton Fine Jewelry, but there is more to me than you can see from the retail floor. This blog is my story. Insight into my life as a daughter, mother, sister, business owner, friend, boss and of course, “The Jewelers Wife”.

Sit back, relax and grab a cocktail. It should be an exciting ride.