Lessons In Love


When you’re in the business of jewelry, by default you’re also in the business of love. Day after day, I see couples walk through our door. They radiate hope. Their excitement is contagious. I promise that there’s not a gem in our store that sparkles more than a bride-to-be when she comes in to get her ring sized.

In November, Mark and I celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary. For the lucky ones that were invited to our wedding, this may come as a surprise. We know you didn’t think we would last more than three years. Well, I hope you’ve paid your debts, because we made it. Also, do we get bonus points for spending every waking moment together?

From getting the kids off to school, to the jewelry store and back again. There he is. Big earring Mark, always by my side. When your business partner and your best friend are also your husband, it creates unique challenges. From business decisions to parenting, it’s impossible to agree on everything. If you ask our staff, they will be the first to tell you that everyday is not perfect. We still “bicker” over the little things. Who will get stuck loading the dishwasher? Who’s on laundry duty? And, our personal favorite, who is going to help the kids do their homework? At work, we agree 90% of the time. The other 10%, I win. It’s a good thing he is a lover, not a fighter.

As I see these new couples walk through our store … well, let’s be honest, first I have to tame the wild saleswoman inside of me. After that the emotion kicks in. As I learn about their relationship, their families and their big day, I find it hard to contain myself. All of a sudden I want to share my own stories and lessons in love. From across the counter I want to say ….

Always follow your heart and remember why you fell in love in the first place. None of us are perfect. Life only gets harder as you get older. Don’t let the days become habits. When you’re frustrated, look back. Remember that pit in your stomach the first time your hands touched, the nervousness you felt when your eyes met from across the room or the moment you knew that it was love. When I think back to the beginning, I smile because I can still smell Mark’s cologne as he pulled me close to kiss me goodnight. It’s the little things. If you keep those close to your heart, your marriage will last forever.

14 years and still learning. Appreciating every lesson in love.

One thought on “Lessons In Love

  1. You are so right Tina. It’s the little things that count. That bring a smile to my face.
    I always said no matter what we went through, kids, money, jobs, ex wives, money, bills, kids, grandchildren, bad health, close to death, illnesses….we always stood together, shoulder to shoulder, other times back to back, face to face.
    People, well mainly his family and friends have us 3 yrs as well. Some had money on it, but we showed them all. We made it for 30 years, until death did us apart.
    I’m very proud to say there was 13 yrs difference in our age, but we over came it all. Everything that was thrown at us. We did it.
    I’ve always been amazed with the love, family and commitment you both show.
    It shines like a diamond.
    Thanks for sharing. I love reading your writings.
    # WeMadeIt
    Lisa J Schuler

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