Can I Upgrade?


“Can I upgrade my ring?”

“Is it terrible if I want something new?”

“Will he be offended?”

These are questions that I get nearly every day. Some women want an upgrade. Others just want a facelift. In all cases, they are afraid of hurting their husband’s feelings. If you ask me, marriage is built on trust and honesty and the decision to reset or upgrade your bling should follow suit. Just tell him how you’re feeling.

It’s no secret that as time goes on, things change. Our experiences give us new perspective, we grow, and our relationships morph. I don’t think it’s a crime if we want the jewelry we wear to reflect that. After all, would your husband want to see you in the same clothes you wore 15 years ago? I know Mark would love to see me in that size, but the style, no way! Even though your tastes have evolved, there’s no need to discount the original ring he gave you. Just be honest about what you want today – whether it’s been three, ten or twenty years since you said, “yes”.

If you are thinking about upgrading, there are a lot of options. If you’re looking for something completely different you could keep your original diamond and turn it into a pendant, bringing his initial gift even closer to your heart. If it’s a new look you’re going for, that’s easy. We could reshape your existing ring, or even add to it with your children’s birthstones. As you work through the decision, don’t go it alone. Chat with your hubby and understand what he’s comfortable with.

Overall, don’t be ashamed. Time moves on and so do we.  I am glad that my tastes have changed over the years. I am going on 14 years and am currently on my 10th ring. I’m a woman; it’s not my fault that I can’t make up my mind (right?). At least I haven’t traded him in!

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