Lacrosse: The Hidden Gem of the Sports World

This past Saturday, our youngest son, Trent, had his first lacrosse game of the season. What a fun sport. Growing up, I heard a lot about baseball, football, hockey, and basketball. But, lacrosse? No one was talking about it.
As a mother of two boys, I’m very familiar with the serious, highly competitive baseball environment, but from what I’ve seen, lacrosse delivers something different. At least at Trent’s age, the sport is fun and laid back. Everyone cheers for everyone. While the coaches still yell, especially Coach Andy (per Trent), the boys on the field remain in high spirits. From the time the game starts until the final moments, you can see the smiles radiating from their faces.
Middies? Attackers? Defenders? Let’s be honest, I don’t really understand the rules of the game, but that doesn’t stop me from cheering loudly every time the ball nears the goal. Because, if there is one thing I do know, it’s that when the goalie lets that ball enter the net, we’ve scored. Yes!
Ignoring the technicalities, from what I’ve observed lacrosse is truly a brotherhood. Regardless of the weather or the score, these young boys fight together until the very end. Sometimes I’m convinced they only hang on to hear their coach yell, “attack your goalie”. Win or lose, when the game is over the kids topple over their goalie, showing their appreciation for their “brother” near the net. Thanking him for standing up to the challenge and for defending the team.
Witnessing a bunch of 5-8 year-old kids showing their love and support for each other is something any mother can appreciate. Just thinking about it makes me melt. Does anyone have a Kleenex?
Maybe it’s just the emotions, but I’m thinking this might warrant a lacrosse jewelry line. I would sport a sparkly lacrosse stick pendant any day.  Well, at least when it’s in season, of course.
Go Lakota Lacrosse! Looking forward to a great season.


One thought on “Lacrosse: The Hidden Gem of the Sports World

  1. Tina – a lax line would be awesome! I’ve often said that lax is more than a sport…it’s a lifestyle. The friendships that my family have made goes way beyond the hour spent on the field. So glad to have you be a part of it!

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