Summer Jewelry Protection


Summer is here which means swimming, dinner parties and plenty of visits from the neighborhood kids. Yes! I’m ready; though, I wanted to catch you before the fun kicks off. While summer is great, between all of the soaking, splashing and cleaning, the season can take a toll on your jewelry.

So, what is it about summer anyways? It’s chlorine, and it’s everywhere. In the pool. In the hot tub. In bleach and other household cleaners. Maybe even in your laundry detergent.And, the problem is? Well, when chlorine comes in contact with your gold jewelry a chemical reaction kicks off. As a result, the chlorine dissolves with the copper and/or nickel alloys in the jewelry and can cause it to break. Did you know that if you left your jewelry in bleach for 24-hours it would be damaged beyond repair? Yikes, we definitely don’t want that to happen.

While it’s all very scary stuff, don’t fret. Here are some summer tips to keep your bling strong and sparkly:

  • Try to avoid wearing jewelry in hot tubs and swimming pools. Rings set with stones, especially prongs, are most subject to damage.
  • Remember that hot tub water is five times more damaging due to heat and increased chlorine concentrations. Proceed with caution.
  • Take off your rings while cleaning with a chlorinated cleaner. And, remember not to leave them hanging out by the sink where they could be knocked down into the drain (that’s a whole different blog!)
  • Be sure to read your labels. Chlorine is sneaky and tends to show up in places where you don’t expect it. If it says, “contains bleach”, it’s time to take your rings off.

Phew, I’m glad I caught you. Now, go enjoy your summer and remember, take your rings off!

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