Never Lose An Earring Again

Down the drain. In a dressing room. At the beach. While the circumstances vary, we’ve all been there. One moment both of our earrings are intact and the next, one has wandered away, never to be found again. It’s an expensive tragedy. One I hope no one has to experience ever again. In an effort to keep earrings where they belong, I’d like to introduce you to Protektor Backs.

Protektor-BacksFor all of the English teachers out there, don’t get hung up on the spelling because they work wonders!As you can see from the picture, the Protektor Back includes both a post and a new back. Bring us your earrings and we’ll replace your post with the one shown. The reason Protektor Backs work so well is because there are two small buttons on each side that you must push when you put your earrings on, and take them off. If these buttons aren’t pushed in, the earring won’t budge.

I’ve replaced the posts on almost all of my earrings with Prokector Backs and now I never worry. I’ll dive head first into the lake and when I come up, I know my earrings are still going to be there. They’ve been such a lifesaver. If you’re curious, stop by the store and I’d be happy to give you a quick demo. And, if you decide to get them we can add them is just a matter of days!

If you’re sitting here thinking, “great, but what about the earrings I’ve already lost?” Well, you’re not entirely out of luck. Bring us the earring that’s missing its pair. We can match it and then add Protektor Backs to the set so that you can wear them with confidence. No more excuses, never lose an earring again!

4 thoughts on “Never Lose An Earring Again

    • Julie- Sorry for the delay. If you would like to send your earrings to us, I would be happy to put these posts/backs on for you. I am not sure of someone close to you that could do it. I wish that I could be more help! Feel free to email me if you would like for us to take care of them!

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