My Essentials

Essential PlannerWhether they are items that help us be more productive, simple reminders that make us happy or things that we need to keep around for sanity purposes. In life, we all have our essentials. The things we won’t go anywhere without. From home to work and everywhere in between, here are the five things that I keep with me at all times.

1) My iPhone

I know that most people think it’s a problem, but my iPhone is my lifeline. First and foremost I need it for communication. From work to home and everywhere in between, I like to stay in touch with my friends, family and customers. Plus, with my busy schedule no one would ever catch me if I were tied to a landline.

Outside of the obvious benefits of a cell phone, I also rely on my iPhone to access my New Life Chapel App. No matter where I am, I have access to the Bible, past sermons, event calendars and music. It certainly makes doing a daily devotion much easier! Finally, I wouldn’t get very far without easy access to my Dropbox App. For those that use Dropbox, enough said. For those that don’t … go download it. Now.

2) My iPhone Charger

Refer to #1 and you will understand why I generally need a charger by noon on any given day.

3) Business Cards

Our business is very important to me and my dedication began the first time that I met Roy. When I entered the house to meet him and JoAnn for the first time, he barely said a word before reaching into his pocket to hand me; you guessed it, a business card. While I didn’t know it at the time, it wasn’t long before I would have a stack of Yelton’s business cards of my own.

When I joined the family business I remember one very specific rule. If you were ever caught without a business card, you were fined $50. At the beginning, I learned the hard way, having to pay in a few times. Luckily, I’ve caught a few other Yelton’s employees empty handed over the years so I’ve been able to even the score. Maybe I should go walk the floor right now and see if I can make a few bucks!

4) Planner & To Do Notebook

Lots of people make fun of me, but even with my iPhone next to me, I still have a written planner. It needs to be within an arms length or something feels off. I think I got this from my momma, who’s the same way. I used to consider myself a loyal Franklin Covey girl but, as of late, I’ve migrated to the Erin Condren world. Look her up! Her planners are amazing.

There are many days where I don’t know whether I am coming or going. In those moments, I rely on my planner and get back on track. But that’s not all. With me at all times, I also carry a To-Do notebook. Did anyone say Type A? Yes, admittedly, but I can’t help it. Day or night, you’ll find me taking notes and making lists to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

5) Trenta Iced Green Tea Unsweetened from Starbucks

When I think of addiction this tasty beverage comes to mind. It’s not much of a secret; if you see me there is usually Trenta Iced Green Tea right by my side. I gave up soda a while back and have never been a huge fan of coffee, so this is my beverage. Zero calories and zero sugar. Make fun of me all you want, but at least my addiction is a healthy one. Or so I tell myself!

Along with the beverage, I’m not going to lie; I love the attention that you get as a regular Starbucks customer. I’ve got my Gold Card, the Starbucks App is on my phone and I frequent the drive-thru window more often than I visit the ATM. Beyond being a regular, it’s possible that I have even gotten a little too comfortable with Starbucks. My sister, co-worker and I gossip about the drive-thru barista as if he was our boyfriend. If he’s working, we all know and bonus points if he calls us by our name. So what if it’s listed on our Starbucks Gold Card? It’s always good to feel important, even if for just a few moments.

So there you have it, five things that you can count on me to have at all times. What’s on your list?

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