One Of The Coolest

yelton-entranceIf you’re here, you’re probably expecting to hear from Tina. Well, this week you get all of us. That’s right, the entire Yelton’s staff has hacked into The Jeweler’s Wife blog to share an announcement that is very dear to us. In-Store Magazine has written an article about Yelton’s as one of America’s Coolest Stores. Check it out here.

That’s all.
Read it.
Love It.
We are so darn proud of it.
If you’re a Yelton’s customer you might think this is the coolest place to shop. As employees, we think this is the coolest place to work too. A huge thank you to our customers, our community and In-Store Magazine from the entire Yelton’s team! Now come in, browse our bling and get those holiday wish lists started. See you all soon!

Bling On A Budget

What if I told you that you didn’t need to shell out thousands of dollars for truly amazing jewelry? It’s true. Bling can be found on a budget, and I’m here to prove it to you. See below for some of my favorite picks, all of which are under $500.

Movado Bold

In my opinion the Movado Bold is the perfect timepiece for any occasion. From casual lunch dates to those important business meetings, this watch pairs well with jeans, pencil skirts and everything in between. It’s classic, timeless and best of all, affordable. Oh Movado … I heart you.


Tacori Blushing Rose Ring

By now, you’ve probably picked up on the fact that I’m Tacori’s number one fan. That said I had to include their “blushing rose” ring in my top five affordable picks. The ring features a beautiful sterling silver band with a rock star amethyst in the center. When you wear this ring, Friday night belongs to you.


O.W.L. Jewelry

O.W.L. stands for the Ones We Love and their jewelry provides a great opportunity to self-express. My own O.W.L. necklace includes a charm at the center, which represents my faith, as well as two pearls, one for each of my sons. What a great gift from the Yelton boys. As a mother I love having a sentimental piece that I can cherish forever. Ah, now I’m getting emotional. This was not my intention. Bottom line, O.W.L. rocks.


Toy Watch

While the name may be deceiving, Toy Watches are definitely made for adults! With so many colors and designs available, they have something for everyone. Madonna and Oprah themselves have been spotted sporting Toy Watches. While these two ladies could probably afford any watch on a planet, the fact that they’ve chosen a Toy says something!


Hearts On Fire Fashion Jewelry

Hearts On Fire is known for making the worlds most perfectly cut diamond. Their reputation alone sounds expensive, but don’t be deterred! The truth is that they offer some pieces that are not only fabulous, but also affordable. Starting at $495 you can set your heart on fire (sorry, I had to). Check out this necklace and if you want to see more be sure to RSVP for the upcoming Hearts On Fire event at Yelton’s.

Script-Initial-Pendant-1And there you have it, bling on a budget. Whether you’re looking to spend $200 or $1,000 on your next piece, remember that there are always options out there. Above all, we all deserve jewelry to help us celebrate our accomplishments and make us feel fabulous. At least I think so!

Bling It Back To Life

This past weekend I found myself sifting through my jewelry box. No surprise there, but what was shocking was the number of pieces that I own that are in need of some major TLC. From tarnished bracelets to loose gems, you name it. It was all there in front of me. Looking through my collection of not-so-sparkly bling, I started to think. If everything I owned was repaired, I would have so many more options! Who knows, at that point I may not even need any new jewelry. On second thought, let’s be realistic …

The fact of the matter is that all jewelry, new and old, deserves to be cared for. After all a lot of our bling represents major life milestones such as anniversaries, birthdays or personal accomplishments. By taking care of our jewelry we’re able to wear it with confidence and as a result, those memories live on.

While it all makes so much sense, for some reason, when our favorite pieces lose their luster we don’t give them the love that they deserve. Rather, we shove them to the back of our jewelry drawers and forget about them. I’m guilty of it and I spend the majority of my week at a jewelry store! Shame on me. Shame on all of us.

I say it’s time we all do something about our broken jewelry. Pull those pieces from the back of your drawer. Bring your bling, and the memories that they represent, back to life! If that’s not enough motivation, how about discount repair services? That’s right, bring your lack-luster jewelry into Yelton’s this October and I’ll give you 20% off of your repair. It’s only the right thing to do. We all deserve it.