Pay It Forward

PayItForwardTwo Saturdays ago Mark and I attended a bowling fundraiser and afterwards, we decided to venture downtown with a group of other couples. After some discussion we agreed to make our way to the Old Bourbon Bar and Strauss Haus in Newport, KY. The evening was a complete blast, until I learned that …

I lost my engagement ring.

Saturday night was a typical winter evening in Ohio. It was very cold and snow dusted the night sky. That said, it was a date night so I didn’t let the weather stop me from dressing up, ditching the bulky winter jacket and breaking out those super attractive, but not-entirely-functional high heels.

While I was still looking great by the time we left the bar, I slipped on the ice on my way into the cab and down I went. No biggie, I brushed myself and we were on our way. The problem being, when I looked at my ring finger the next morning, my engagement ring was nowhere to be found.

Enter panic mode. That darn icy fall kept replaying in my head. It must have happened then. We scoured the streets, I checked every pocket of my purse, and we begged the staff at the bar to check, just one more time. Nothing surfaced. Maybe I didn’t wear it?

Wrong. When I got home, it wasn’t there either. How I got to sleep that evening, I have no idea, but when I woke the next morning I hit the phones. I called everyone that I knew in the area to see if they had any clues.

Still nothing.

At this point it came time to embrace the modern world. At 8:30PM on Sunday night I turned to Facebook and posted a call for help. By Monday the photo of my ring had been shared over 300 times. I couldn’t believe it! And then, at 9AM, I received a text. My ring had been found.

In the bathroom at the Strauss Haus.

I must have been cold enough in my cute date night outfit for my fingers to shrink. My only guess is that it fell off while I was washing my hands. Can I blame Mother Winter? Regardless of why, when I heard from Katie there was only one thing to be.


The whole situation restored my faith in humanity. While the whole fiasco lasted only 24 hours, there were so many generous, honest people that came out of the woodwork. John Clinton, the bar owner who was so patient and helpful. Big J, the owner of the cab company who offered his assistance. Graphic designers who reached out to help me make flyers. A chiropractor two doors down from the bar who took time to look for the ring himself. And, finally Katie. The honest stranger who ultimately returned the ring to me.

I’m happy to report that my ring is back on my finger and has since been resized. I didn’t think it was possible, but I appreciate it now more than I ever have. I am also so thankful for everyone who offered their help, their time and their social networks. You better believe that I will be paying the kindness forward.

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