Pure Thankfulness

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! As I reflect on the last year I have so many blessings. My kids are healthy and happy, I have a job that I love, my partner appreciates me (and all of my quirks), and I continue to have God on my side. While I could go on and on about why I am truly thankful, this year I’m taking a different approach.

If you’ve turned on the TV, opened the newspaper, or simply perused the internet lately, you know … not all is right in the world. While it will never be perfect, it’s hard for me to see people suffering, in pain, and lost. As adults when we look at the events happening around the globe it’s easy to become consumed, allow pessimism to get the best of us, and maybe even lose faith. In this moments, I turn to my children. Their outlook is so innocent and as a result, so refreshing.

So my friends, this Thanksgiving, I thought we could all use a dose of purity. From the perspective of my two boys, Ty and Trent, here is why we are giving thanks this year …



When I approached Ty to see what he was thankful for this year he had a long list: the ability to go to private school, our church, his friends, his family, and our home. While he is overall appreciative, he also told me that there is one thing that’s he’s not especially excited about – getting spacers in the day before Thanksgiving. Poor kid, at least the mashed potatoes won’t be too difficult to eat!


When I asked Trent what he was thankful for, he looked at me and without saying a word he pointed towards the sky. Hmm. “Does that mean you are thankful for the roof over our heads,” I asked. He giggled and replied, “Well duh, but that’s not what I meant! I am thankful for Jesus because he died for me.” Of course my heart proceeded to melt.

From our family, to yours, we’re wishing you a holiday full of laughter, delicious food, and most importantly, blessings.


Keeping Your Diamonds Intact


Last week, I asked you if there was specific advice that you wanted from me. You asked about non-traditional engagement rings, necklace lengths, diamond qualities, and more! Such great questions. Thank you to everyone who submitted. I’ll be sure to get to all of them eventually, but today I’m going to focus on a question that was submitted by Jillian. She asked …

“How often should I have my ring prongs checked?”

This is top of mind for me as I recently had a gentlemen bring his wife’s engagement ring in because it was missing a diamond. He had no idea how this could happen, but as our conversation went on I learned that they had been married for twenty years and at no point had the ring been checked. Eek. It’s like driving a car and never bringing it in for an oil change. You just don’t do it!

At Yelton Fine Jewelers we recommend that you have your prongs professionally checked every six months. With our goldsmiths in house we make it easy. I should also mention that this service is free, whether you purchased your ring from us, or not. If your ring needs repair we’ll provide a quote for you onsite. Most of the time we just need to tighten the prongs around the center stone, though sometimes additional metal needs to be added to the prongs to build strength. In either case, when you walk out the door, you can do so knowing that your precious diamond is safe!

So ladies, if it’s been a while since your ring prongs have gotten some love, now is the time! It’s quick and easy. Plus, it’s a great excuse to peruse the jewelry store and check out some fancy bling. If you have additional questions, don’t hesitate to reach out! Above all I want to keep all of your diamonds safe and intact!