A Few Of My Favorite Things

The holidays are here which means family time, gatherings with friends, good eats, and … wish lists. Since I’ve been good this year, I gave some thought to what I might want under the tree. *Ahem* should anyone care to know. As you might expect, I have my eyes on a couple pieces of bling, but that’s not all. To view my current list of favorite things, scroll below …

If you feel inclined to purchase any of these, I’ll gladly accept them at Yelton Fine Jewelers in West Chester (wink). 


Lariat Necklaces: My newest jewelry obsession is Lariat Necklaces. Toss one on top of a basic cami to transform your everyday outfit, or pair them with that little black dress if you really want to turn heads. Hearts On Fire has done a great job elevating this design with their Triplicity Triangle necklace.

Vinyl: Call me old fashion, but right now I’m on a vinyl kick. I love that they’re making a come back, and I wouldn’t complain if I found a retro record player underneath our tree this year. Bonus points if it comes with a few of my favorite albums (hint, hint). 

Tacori Aerial Collection: Just when I thought I couldn’t love Tacori anymore, they went and launched the Aerial Collection. Oh my goodness. This stuff is hot! Featuring bold shapes and sparkling accents, this collection is created with us, self-proclaimed divas in mind.

Custom Sweatshirts: Bow & Drape have redefined the sweatshirt as we know it. Shop their inventory of unique designs and clever sayings, or submit a custom design to create something that is 100% you. I already have one hanging in my closet that reads, “Eat. Pray. Hustle”. Hoping for more!

Geometrics: Geometric shapes have made their way to the jewelry world and I am not complaining! From chunky, abstract designs to subtle triangular accents, I’m loving what I’ve been seeing lately.

Happy Holidays everyone! What’s on your wish list? If you need more ideas for yourself, or someone you love be sure to check out the 2015 Yelton’s Holiday Gift Guide.

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