Tis The Season To Shine


After weeks of buzzing around a busy sales floor, fifty trips to Target and a two hour adventure at the post office I am happy to report that Christmas has finally arrived! Phew, we made it. Happy holidays everyone!

While the real magic of this season rests in celebrating the birth of Jesus amongst family and friends, I’ll admit it. I totally get wrapped up in the gifts (no pun intended). Cozied up and surrounded by Christmas lights, I love seeing the boys faces as they open their gifts. The way their eyes get wide and a smile emerges, there’s really nothing better. I also appreciate how they manage to surprise me every year. I have to say, I am one lucky girl.

I’m excited to report back after Christmas to share what our family discovered under the tree. Since we all made the nice list this year, it should be good! I’m also looking forward to hear what you all got this year. Having spent countless hours on the Yelton’s sales floor leading up to the holiday, I know there are a lot of purple boxes floating around, and you are going to LOVE what’s inside. After all, tis the season to shine.

From our family, to yours, we’re wishing you a merry, blessed and sparkly Christmas. Once you do open those little purple boxes, send us a pic! We want to see what that bling looks like on!

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