All American Spring Break


Can you believe that Valentine’s Day is already behind us? Slow down 2016, you’re going too fast! As we march forward, the next big thing that’s in store for the Yelton’s is Spring Break. Time off. Sunshine. Family bonding. Yes, please.

Looking back on the vacations that we’ve taken in the past, I decided it’s time for the boys to experience a real, All-American road trip. This is something I used to love as a kid. My parents would pack us in their wood-paneled station wagon and we’d hit the road to Florida. Of course I sat backwards for the entire 15 to 20 hour drive. Who wouldn’t?

These days, we’re so caught up in the ongoing hustle and bustle that our longest car rides are to the airport and back. Well, that’s all about to change, and I can’t wait to see what the boys think. If you see our kiddos around town, just try to keep your lips sealed as this is a big surprise for them!

The Crew

A true road trip wouldn’t be complete without family friends. We’re so excited that the Crawford’s have agreed to join us! Rocky will drive and I will stand in as his fearless navigator. Fingers crossed, I don’t get us lost. Mark and Becky will manage all of our accommodations, and they’ve also signed up for the biggest job of them all … keeping the little ones in line. The kids have one task only and that’s to have fun.

The Attire

Of course, I’m planning to dress the part. I’ve already ordered Becky and I hats that read, “I’m a happy camper”. Also hoping we find a few Laundromats along the way to keep our wardrobe fresh and clean.

The Agenda

The first lag of our trip will be a flight to Phoenix. From there we’ll get in a cab to pick up our RV in Mesa. Yes, I said it … Tina in an RV. Can you picture it? From there the fun begins …

We’ll kick it off with a Cincinnati Reds Training game, followed by a delicious meal at Culinary Dropout. And then it’s off to LA. The little ones want to drive down Rodeo Drive to see all of the expensive cars, and the moms are hoping to get their toes in the sand. Bliss.

After leaving LA we’ll scoot up the coast to San Jose and then spend a couple of nights in San Francisco. Our current wish list includes Lombard Street, Alcatraz, and the Golden Gate Bridge. With any luck the Golden State Warriors will be home and we’ll be able to scalp some nosebleeds. Anyone out there have a hook-up?

Once we’ve soaked up all that California has to offer we’ll make our way to our final destination … good ol’ Las Vegas. There we plan to visit the Hoover Dam, Tanked, and a few of the fun car garages (see, there’s a theme). We’ll top it off with a Zipline ride down Fremont Street and a few kid-friendly shows.

All of that in a seven to nine day timeframe and then it’s homeward bound. Phew! I have no doubt that we’ll leave with memories that will last us a lifetime.

Is anyone else doing anything exciting for Spring Break this year? If you have any must-see stops for us to explore while we are gone, send them my way! I’m also taking RV tips too … I’m guessing there won’t be a lot of showers in my future.

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