Happy Birthday Ty


It’s a special day in the Yelton family. Today, our first born, Ty, is turning another year older. Where does time go? I definitely don’t miss the diaper days, but man, it’s tough seeing your kids grow up so fast!

I know I’m obligated to say this because I’m his mother, but it’s true. Ty is one cool kid. He’s smart. He’s sweet. He has a big heart. I love him because his outlook on life is so innocent and refreshing. In a very particular order he puts God first, his family second, and baseball third. Can’t blame him. 

For his birthday this year Ty has three wishes …

  1. A healed leg so that he can play in Cooperstown
  2. Cinnamon Rolls for breakfast
  3. A bike, for when his leg is back in action

Happy birthday Ty! We’re all praying that you’re back on both feet soon. In the meantime, I don’t think those Cinnamon Rolls should be a problem. Love ya bud!

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