Cheers To Thirty Years

If you’re reading this you’re familiar with Yelton Fine Jewelers. You love room 750 and the causes it supports. You frequent our trunk shows because you just can’t get enough. And, you get giddy every time you see a purple jewelry box.

This is Yelton Fine Jewelers as we know it today, but it wasn’t always this way. Like anything else this store has a history. One that started thirty years ago!

I’ve been fortunate to be a part of this amazing journey. I’ve heard the stories. I’ve thumbed through the photos. That said, as I’ve been reflecting on it all I realized that many of our clients don’t know how our store came to be.

And, so this post is a tribute. To Yelton Fine Jewelers as we turn the big 3-0!

It all started in April 1988 when Roy and JoAnn Yelton started a business out of a cigar box, from their home. Does anyone remember this house, aka our first retail location?

IMG_0023 3

Roy kept this up for a few years, doing business out of the home and also visiting the flea market from time to time. As sales picked up, it seemed the door bell was ringing nonstop. JoAnn missed the days when they could sit down for dinner uninterrupted, and so they decided it was time to find a retail location.

They opened their doors on 25 North F Street. The logo was designed by Mark, who just happened to be in college studying graphic design.

Fast-forward to 1997, when I joined the business. It didn’t take me long to realize my love for jewelry and all things sparkly. Roy could see my interest and pushed me to further my education in the industry. I took several classes through the GIA to get my Diamond Grading Degree. This was just the beginning of the technical skills that our team would gain over the years. All of which have enabled us to educate our customers on their purchases!


After ten successful years on F street, Roy had a vision. He wanted a bigger space so that we could offer more products and services to our customers. Lots was shifting and 1999 ended up being a big year for our family. Mark and I got married, and that December JoAnn and Roy opened their doors at 6066 West Chester Road.


When the store first opened, it was just Yelton Fine Jewelers and the Shell station on Union Center. The I-75 interchange had nothing else, which I know is hard to imagine now! And the clock that still sits at that location? That was purchased by Roy and JoAnn and we donated it to the township in early 2000.


There we had another ten successful years, but Roy was determined and he still wasn’t quite satisfied. This time he wanted to own his building, and so the search continued again. After many family discussions {ahem, fights} we finally agreed on the perfect place – 9263 Schulze Dr.


And, that’s where our recent history began. This is how we became the Yelton Fine Jewelers that we are today. There are so many other memories to fill in this timeline, all of which we’ll be sharing through the year. Our thirtieth anniversary year <3.


Be on the lookout for old newspaper clippings, throwback commercials, and some epic photos of us from the late 90’s. Get ready for {another} great year!

Cheers to thirty years!

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