Yelton Family Summer Bucket List

It’s hard to believe that summer has officially arrived. One thing is for sure … I’m ready to celebrate! As a family, it’s going to be a busy few months. There will be fun things like family vacations, sports tournaments, and urban date nights. And then, I have some other goals that I’m not sure the boys will love. You know like getting the house clean {wink}. It’s all about balance, right?

In order to keep us accountable I’ve jotted it all down. What’s on the 2018 Yelton Family Summer Bucket List, you ask? Well, here it is …

5. Organize, Organize, Organize

Before we get to those good times we need to roll up our sleeves up and do a little bit of work. We’ve been in this home for three years now and already I can feel the walls closing in on me. The clutter! Ahh! From the closets, to the garage, and everywhere in between it’s time to clean, purge, and organize. My boys are going to love me.

4. Visit Kings Island

After a bit of a hiatus our boys have secured their season passes to Kings Island again, so you’ll be able to find us there on the regular. I’ll admit that I’m not a HUGE of the rides, but I’ll play along in the name of family time. Plus, I do really enjoy the blue ice cream and late-night fireworks. Can you blame a girl?

3. Date Nights

Now that school is out, there’s no need for us to set our alarms for the crack of dawn. You know what that means? More date nights! Mark and I love checking out new restaurants as well as dining at our old favorites. From there we usually catch a movie or post up at a local brewery. Do you have any spots you would recommend for the summer? I’m all ears!

2. Lake Time

While we do own a lake house, sometimes it feels like we never have time to get there! Well my friends this summer it’s right near the top of our summer bucket list and I’m not going to let anything get in the way of that. I can’t wait to spend time in the sun, on the boat, and simply relaxing away from the hustle and bustle of normal life. Ahhh.

1. Have Fun!

Above all, I want everyone to have fun! To me that means that everyone’s interests are taken into consideration, we make time for each other, and we walk away from the summer with new memories. After all this season is only a few short months. We have to enjoy it while we can!

So, what’s on your bucket list? Did I miss anything on ours? We’re always open to suggestions, especially when it comes to summer fun! Whatever you end up doing I hope you have an amazing couple of months. Happy summer everyone!

4 thoughts on “Yelton Family Summer Bucket List

  1. Love your summer bucket list! If you’re out downtown, we love to land at the rooftop bar at The Phelps after dinner or a show!

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