Family First

This week as I sat at my computer to write my regular blog post no words would come. As time continued to pass the screen remained blank.

You see there has been a lot weighing on my heart lately. Based on recent events in our community it doesn’t feel right to sit here and talk about jewelry trends, my favorite designers, or what’s coming up at the store. Because, the truth of the matter is … life is about so much more.

Today my friends I’m not here to talk about bling. I’m here to remind you all of the larger picture. To encourage you to always put family first.

Family first.

That was the title of a recent e-mail that I received from someone I respect immensely. In that e-mail, they explained that they would be stepping away from the grind for a while. Instead they would be shifting their energy to help their family in a time of need.

Since I received that e-mail two other events have occurred within our Lakota/West Chester community that have caused me to pause. First, a 13-year-old boy was hit by a pitch during a baseball game. This poor boy has faced several challenges since the incident and has only recently made his way back home. Without the support of his family and his community I’m not sure this would have been possible.

Family first.


Following this event, a high school Lacrosse player collapsed after a game. What they suspected was heat stroke actually turned out to be a rare brain disorder. Within hours of the game our community came together to support the family and stand behind the child. It’s been remarkable to witness.

Family First.


While these are members of my community I don’t personally know either of these families. What I do know is that the theme in these stories is something we all need to give a little more attention too. With a 14-year-old baseball player an 11-year-old lacrosse player at home, I’ve been reminded that life is precious. Every moment counts.

Summer is here. Rather than getting hung up on the things that don’t really matter, enjoy the moments you have with your family. Stay up a bit later. Eat the ice cream. Hug your kids every night and remind them how much you love them. Whether they show it or not, they need to hear it as much as you can say it!

Every cloud has a silver lining and I am proud to be part of this community that has pulled together to support both the Edrington & Stratman Families.  Keep the prayers and support coming! And remember … family first.


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